All information must be filled in for the application to be considered. 

If any drop down does not have the selection you need pick 'Enter Manually' and type in the correct information.
Please fill out one for each child. 
Filling out an application does not guarantee funding.

If you do not fill out the application based upon the rules - the application will be denied.


Kids N Camp Fund is designated for children 9 and above. 

Please do not expect any response before April 12, 2019. We will notify you after that date the status of your application. Applications will be approved/denied/approved pending funding.




Yes  No 
Yes  No 
Yes  No 

Reference name can not be any other name used in this application or family member

If you don't receive email for each child confirming receipt of application, application was not received.

Please do not fill out more than one application per child.